Friday, June 21, 2024
About Us

"Mr & Mrs Gordon
This is my Buddy
I thought you would like to see this picture of this pretty boy, it must be the good breeding. This is part of his breeding to he is so good at his job. He was 15 months old when this was taken. There are 12 pheasant there and he flushed and retrieved everyone of them. He is a good boy. You should see him.

Thank you Very Much

PS. He is smart too"

~ Thomas Ivey

Now, for a little information about us! We have been raising labs for about 10 years. My husband has been raising and training labs since 1960's so we decided to get back into raising labs again. We live on a 50 acre farm, with a large pond, that all the labs can't wait to get into. Each lab has his/her  own night time sleeping quarters. We also have a large fenced in area for the dogs to play in during the day, with fresh water daily. I am the primary care taker of the labs. I really enjoy the labs, and making sure their sleeping quarters are kept clean, with fresh water daily. I am really protective of all my labs, and I make sure that each puppy will have a good home, because labs are a very special breed of dog.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

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The Gordons